Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Rural Skies in Infrared

Recently I drove the back roads around my small town, which I often do when I need to get out and clear the cobwebs out of my head. It's like a camera walk, the purpose of which is not to make art, but to do a kind of meditation: to just walk, to see what is there, to see rather than just look. You make images with the camera, but the focus is on the process rather than the product. Sometimes I get only one good image from a camera walk, sometimes I get several. Driving around with the camera is similar, just with a wider range of opportunities.

Open prairie skies, endless sea of grass. . . .

I ended up at one of my favorite local county parks, photographing the brilliant autumn colors. I also set my other camera on B&W and made some infrared photos, and also some drive-by photos of farm buildings and fields as I drove. This photo is the best of the drive-by photos.

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