Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Poster Fun

Making a new poster for a fundraiser event, to be put on by Perfect Harmony Men's Chorus, featuring home cooked comfort food and musical performances. I didn't take the photos used, but I did do the graphic design and finished illustration. The idea was to evoke the old Norman Rockwell covers from The Saturday Evening Post, in style and mood. I'm pleased with the results. It does indeed evoke Rockwell.

(Click on image for larger view.)

I'm told that the guys modeling for the photo shoot also got to enjoy eating the props afterwards. Lucky guys!

The logo for the poster was my idea, and it was a fun piece to pull together. I found a typeface that closely matches the one used for the old magazine, then added the musical elements to evoke the nature of the event. So far the feedback has been all positive.

Meanwhile, hope some friends can come to the event. Not only will it be lots of fun, with lots of good food: I am premiering a new song that I recently finished writing.

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