Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Make Art

The guidelines for the beginning of survival. The mantra for coping when you can't really cope because you're overwhelmed and exhausted all the time. The method of staying sane when it's a real challenge.

Make art. Record music. Write a poem. Make art.

When upset, make art. When sad, make art. When angry at situations or the stupid people involved in certain situations, make art. When tired of talking about problems, record music. When you can't face that stack of letters and bills and other things that make you crazy to think about, even though you know you'll have to deal with them eventually, make art. Always prioritize for art.

Although in some ways my health has radically improved in the last just-over-a-year since the surgery, I'm still recovering. I was sick for twenty years, I'm not going to bounce back in six months. I still tire out unpredictably. When too exhausted to do anything but feel frustrated and weepy, make art. The last few days I've been as exhausted as I used to be when I was really sick, and anemic. I just can't get it started. So make art.

When nothing else works and you're totally stuck and can't see your way out to ever getting out of whatever hell you find yourself in again, make art. Make art. Make art.

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