Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Autumn Colors at Their Peak

A few days ago, taking a break from working on projects, I went out for a drive in the afternoon, just to change gears for awhile. That's always a good way to clear out the cobwebs in the head. I wound up driving out to one of my favorite local county parks, where the autumn colors in the trees were at their peak. A stunning display.

Autumn colors in the local park. No one about. A gentle breeze in this sheltered valley becomes a stiff and howling wind on the open farm fields outside.

Stillness in the valley, except for the trees bowing in the wind above the high hill. Stones of memory and silence, embracing entwining encompassing encapsulating. Where the river runs out to dry the stone begins. Wind becoming an ending, a beginning. Becoming light. Always into light.

Bluejay in a golden maple. Thin haze between blue sky and still=green lawn. Spruce bearing fruit that on second glance is little brown birds, and a female cardinal.

The road covered with glory. Leaves by the ditch brilliant with light.

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