Sunday, November 07, 2010

Dusk in the Grand Tetons 2

images from Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming, March 2010
For previous images look here.

Two days at Jackson Hole. Found a hotel I could afford, and later a dinner at a very good restaurant downtown. I checked in, then grabbed the cameras and drove up to the Park not long before dark. I had just enough time to make some images like these at dusk, from two or three known vantage points, before the light entirely failed. In the morning, I checked out of my hotel, went up to the Park and spent most of the day there again, before driving east towards Casper. Next trip, I plan to spend at least two or three nights in Jackson, to give me more time with the region, and to make video as well as stills.

At the last moment, just at dusk, a spread of cloud south over the Teton peaks opened up, letting a blue veil of light through. A thin window in the sky into the blue light just past sunset. Not long after, the light failed completely, and I drove back to my hotel in full dark.

These images of the clouds letting through a slash of brighter light over the peaks are some of my favorites from this entire roadtrip.

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