Saturday, November 06, 2010

the Wild Hunt

Earlier I wrote about the mythic, archetypal pencil and brush drawings I had made during my last morning at the clinic, receiving the IV drug therapy, sitting for hours with a needle in my arm. What I didn't mention, when I wrote about making those drawings, was that I also had written a poem on the same themes, as accompaniment.

Increasingly I'm interested in multi-media. The pure two-dimensionality of visual art is more alive to me, lately, if it breaks out of the frame, to become three-dimensional, or if it's a triptych or series, or if it is haiga, poem-with-art, Complementarity interests me.

This poem was written after the making of those drawings, as a kind of reflection upon their themes. A reflection from another angle, in another medium. I find the resonance of art increases with more angles, more reflections, more directions. The more ways you look at something, the more rich and complete, and interesting it becomes.

A cinematic poem: a sequence of images, a non-linear narrative made up only of images. Reflections of the painted caves, the transformative mysteries deep in the dark underground. A prayer for those oldest gods and hunts known to us.

wild hunt hounds bay hunter's moon golden sky ring lambent
lone stag still water wading reflect evening sky light
hero effigy breath totem ancestor enter heart enter belly
altar stone hawk eye errand of rebirth
mark these walls with treasure of clay red uranic paint
hunter god barrow god ride tornadic sky howl
geese or hound those distant voices above bleak clouds
waning moon touches black hills liquid amber water blur
sorceror in limestone underhill spear rampant thrusts
make of us your shaman's dance sorceror's hunt wild and howled

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Blogger Elisabeth said...

You are indeed multi-talented, Art and lucky to be able to pursue these various art forms and thereby enhance your vision.

To think you did these with a drip in your arm and all that medicine running through your veins. Wow.

3:36 AM  
Blogger Art Durkee said...

Well, there;s perhaps two reasons that I can make art with an IV in my arm:

1. You can make art anytime, anywhere. You just do it when it's ready to be done, and it happens.

2. Self-defense. Something to distract you from thinking too much about what's going on at the moment, and why. The therapeutic assertion that despite everything, you're still alive.

Both were true, on the day. Perhaps especially the second reason. LOL

10:32 AM  

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