Thursday, October 23, 2008

Humbug Mountain

Humbug Mountain State Park, near Port Orford, coastal Oregon

Arriving just at sunset, after a day of driving in and out of the coastal fog, carried the photo and video gear out to the beach just in time to catch the lavender clouds and pink light, fog banks in the foreground just offshore, hiding Port Orford and the bay and sea mountains. Then back to set up the tent in the dusk, register my campsite, shake the black sand out of my shoes, and make dinner. The campground more than half full. The last time I was here, over a year ago, I was virtually alone, and set up in the dark and the rain.

mountain in mist
lost highway turns at its foot
monk disappearing

fog slowly marches
up ridges, through cedars
into lost skies

heavy bleached driftwood
what ancient flood
left you here?

black sand river
winding to the sea:
vanished highway

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