Sunday, October 12, 2008

what happened in the Garden

Side by side the red trees and the evergreen. Brown fronds mixed in with green in the dappled cedar. Unexpected mid-autumn heat wave, and the insects are blooming as the flowers fail. There are two buds on my father's rosebush, unexpected visitation, hoping to arrive before the frost. An island of tomatoes. The sails of peppers rising out of the white sea. Clouds dock in the lake's bluff redrocks. Sighs of falling trees. Some exotic plant makes a sea of smells like curry.

leafwave scatter lightsparks
world turning clouds racing faster
hurry to get to the inland sea hurry
muscles sore from gardening the unfamiliar
bentback soreshin stiffankled aging
lone unmigrated robin not pecking standing
under the pines watching autumn sentinel
apple trees heavy with sweetsour meals
fire maple red in green orchard sea

red beetles tick the windows
sparrow disappear in thick bushes invisible

some thing holds together what's seen and what's not
finger write weep inkblood
void thrum behind the last cicada stutters out call wait call
patient revelation impatient emptiness
earth solid only to feet
canyons opening under everything else

hands deep in the earth's body delicate surgery gross anatomy
earthworm vesicles worshipping spider gloves of sediment soil

I can't put it back together, it keeps coming apart
every all gods spare me this endless rawtouched skinless cleaving

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