Saturday, October 04, 2008

Experimental Writing Is:

typing to the screen, composing on the fly, improvising

drawing and writing with brush pen in hand
not knowing what's going to happen, or where you're going
not knowing where the words or pen will lead, so just "following the brush"

not trying to consciously direct or control the creative process
but doing it as though it were an experiment in shapechanging the worldsoul

trusting that even a failed experiment can be built on and learned from (how many times Edison failed to invent the lightbulb before he invented the lightbulb)

not wanting to be in charge of the process necessarily

explorations "outside the box" or outside received wisdom in terms of content, form, style, and medium

trusting that explorations can lead you to something interesting, even useful, even if you don't include the process elements in the finished work

not an étude, not a study, not a throwaway

creating an arbitrary new form with strict arbitrary rules and keeping to the arbitrary strictures as defined
never wavering from invented tradition while never losing sight of that it was invented and arbitrary

being naked on the page
resisting the urge to censor or edit as you go, but just letting it spew

coming at the subject from a different angle, a new angle, or multiple angles

simultaneity rather than sequentiality
Albert Einstein said: "The only reason for time is so that everything doesn't happen at once."
write so that it can, and does

empathy, putting yourself inside the Other, learning by doing and becoming other than what you are
we're all a lot broader than we think we are, we're also more adaptable

musical movement of sounds in time and space

something seen only from the other side, not this side

suddenly finding yourself in unfamiliar territory, with no maps, and no idea how you got there

drawing new maps as you go

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