Sunday, May 01, 2011

Merry Beltane

I can't get to any Beltane gatherings this year, but I did go out this afternoon, while it was still sunny, and stick my hands into the garden dirt. Planted calla lilies and tulips, weeded some pernicious scrub grass, cleaned out and mulched the hosta bed, generally spent time connecting with the renewing and healing earth. Daffodils exploding everywhere, the tulips about to bloom, too. Possibly even tomorrow; there was one tulip whose bud was reddening all day, visibly changing during the day. Lilies emerging from the earth. The bleeding heart bushes have spread, and are nascent with pink flowers. I should probably transplant a few of them to the back garden, to thin them out. The rose bushes are all coming back to life, with small red-green leaves clustered around their bases, and some of the last year's stems greening up again. Robins in the crabapple trees that are just about to flower.

The Great God Pan, the Green Man, all coming back to life now. Reminds me to feel alive, even when I'm not at my full strength.

So, Happy Beltane to those who celebrate the return of spring to the land. And happy spring to everyone else.

Blessed Be!

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Blogger brenda w said...

I love the incorporation of a wordle in your picture. If you're interested I recently started a wordle poetry prompt site. I just posted this weeks wordle last night. The words can inspire some intriguing pieces. The more the merrier, as we say.

A Wordling Whirl of Sundays

8:45 PM  
Blogger Art Durkee said...

Hi, Brenda—

Welcome aboard, and thanks for the comments.

I use Wordle mostly an artistic rather than literary device, a way of turning text into visual art. Visual poetry, I guess. I've incorporated the results of poems into a number of digital art pieces—in many cases, using the poem I wrote on the same topic as source. So you get a multilayered reading, both text and image and Wordle all pointing at the same moon, as it were. I like the multi-channel possibilities.


10:36 PM  

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