Friday, December 31, 2010


A week ago, two or three fresh inches on the ground, on Xmas Eve, making for the traditional white Xmas. Deer tracks in the snow in the morning, with reflections from the glass windows on the house, and shadows of the trees.

Two days ago, a thaw began. Warmer weather, even some fog. I just came indoors from the garden. I was planting purple iris and Darwin tulip and Asiatic lily bulbs in the front garden—on New Year's Eve. The lawns are green, there was fog before the sun came out later in the day. It's 50 degrees or more—shirtsleeve weather for those of us who survive these annual winters. Here it is, in the middle of winter, and I worked in the garden for an hour.

Snow will come back, of course. There was a wind today, indicating a change of weather. No doubt in a day it will be frigidly winter-cold again. This is just the usual midwinter thaw. It will only last a day or two. But for the moment, just for this afternoon, a rumor and hint of spring.

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