Saturday, December 25, 2010


winter inches along
low hills blued in twilight—
the blur of trees

redblue rush cold road past black silhouette bare treestands downswept in dusk
chill wind whistle past window road of tires on wet asphalt spun sidelong and spun
through clear to next town next road next county next intersecting line of woods
banner my heart three-pedaled fevered thrash past infinite spacecold icebricks
softened thrum redblue blur far hills come close and burst on windscreen ice
eye the eye of seeing bloodfever past hellpain headache blare downdale downhill
furious trees of the frozen heart forested bent and brittled by night oncoming
relentless netbrown barebranch treeshudder redblue shadow of headlight on road

long driven dusk chilled ever more compact and frozen
by the at last arrival of homeatands offering of barebranch hand to dusk

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