Friday, December 24, 2010

Season's Greetings

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It's snowing lightly outside, which it has been doing since noon; another inch or two in the forecast than before, making everything white and blue and beautiful. There's something extra-special magical about snow on Christmas Eve.

I'm sitting by the fireplace, which has mellow flames licking upwards with flickering light. I roasted a large turkey this afternoon for tomorrow's celebration. The house is still full of beautiful, warm smells. I still have to make the drippings gravy, make myself some dinner, and later this evening bake a key lime pie. But for the moment, I am resting, enjoying the snow falling in the blue dusk, the sound of the fire in the fireplace, and carols quietly playing on the stereo. For me, to create the right mood, I need to play carols from King's College, Cambridge, on the stereo.

After resting a while longer, feeling very mellow this evening, I'll get up and go back into the kitchen for awhile. For now, sitting and resting is ambition enough.

Here's a small rendition of an ancient English carol, recorded this afternoon by myself on orchestral bells. Just a little something for the dark night, the solstice, the return of the light, and as a small gift from me to you.

God Rest Ye Merry    

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