Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Zion Rain

Images from Zion National Park, Utah, February 2010

When I passed through Zion National Park, it was winter rain, occasionally mixed with snow at the higher elevations. Mist everywhere. The rare and beautiful sight of rivulets and waterfalls flowing down off the slickrock and onto the road. Snow on the northern faces of the mountains, where the sun hasn't melted it, while the southern exposures were rich with redrock slick with rain, stick trees and bands of green life.

This is the rare sight of the full arid high plateau desert in its wettest phase. I spoke to a Park Ranger later about photography; working there, practically all of the Park staff carry cameras all the time. Zion is that beautiful. When I was stopped taking these rain rivulet photos, a Park maintenance truck stopped near me, and yes indeed, two Park workers got out with their cameras to photograph the rare and temporary waterfalls.

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