Saturday, February 13, 2010

Bryce Canyon in Winter

Images from Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah, February 2010

Socked in by clouds that act like freezing fog at these altitudes, all I could see of Bryce Canyon was the few parts of canyons open to the eye, and vast fields of trees half-covered with frozen fog, ice, and snow. So I never saw, on this visit, the geologic formations for which the Canyon is famed.

Nonetheless, wherever you go, if you look with attention, you see beauty, and things making photographs from. So it was at Bryce Canyon on this clouded winter visit. There were visions of trees and low mountains faded into the white nothing. There were some low exposed rocks between the trees. And there were ravens, once again my companions, following me wherever I go.

Beauty is where you find it. And you can always find it, if you but look.

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