Sunday, February 07, 2010

Arches & Skies

Images from Arches National Park, Utah, February 2010

A new series of photographs, born out of practice rather than theory: I am experiencing some dramatic weather on this roadtrip, with fantastic cloud formations. Sometimes the clouds echo the surreal lines and curves of the rocks and trees. Sometimes they contrast. Together, a blending of stone into sky.

Skyline Arch

sky punches through
the red cliff spine—
thin clouds beyond

This new series is mostly of larger landscapes and skyscapes, pulled back to wide views rather than zoomed in. Each location has produced at least a few such images. I have said it before: a lot of my photographs, no matter what the subject matter is, are really about the light, about the sky.

fingers of stone
comb the old sky goddess'
thinning cloud-hair

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Blogger Elisabeth said...

What a landscape, Art, what a sky. Did you ever imagine it would be so breathtaking?

7:06 AM  
Blogger Art Durkee said...

Well, I've been here before, so I don't really need to imagine, but it is indeed breathtaking. Every time there's something new and equally astonishing, that you hadn't seen before. The sunset here was sublime.

The clouds define the sky, and the patterned backdrop of the land. I often think that the clouds are what make the sky dynamic, give it life and depth. I often prefer to photograph a sky with a few clouds in it—not a full overcast, but something painterly. (I have a whole series going of just cloud formations; we get some amazing ones in summer in the Midwest.) If it were just empty blue, it would still be a dramatic backdrop fro the rock formations, but on this occasion those forms all work together to make something even more powerful.

10:34 AM  

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