Monday, November 19, 2012

Poems Published November 2012

Triggerfish Critical Review

Issue #10 of this excellent poetry journal is now online and ready to be viewed.

I have six poems featured in this issue. I'm pleased with this publication of some of my poetry, particularly since my work was asked for by the editor. It's always nice to be asked for one's poems, rather than the more common experience of sending poems out at random, never to be heard from again.

Three of these poems are published with audio. The audio is a reading of each associated poem, with soundscape and/or music. I spent an evening reading my poems into my studio recording system, then adding music and sound design to them. I on;y finished three of the six readings before publication, though.

The poems themselves are a selection from the diverse range of poems I've written over the last four or five years. It's been a prolific period, with three or four series running simultaneously, and a scattering of individual pieces. Since I was commissioned to write words and music for "Heartlands," I have been writing fewer "pure" poems, and more song lyrics. Meanwhile, here's a garland of poems for your reading delectation.

Hope you enjoy them.

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