Saturday, February 18, 2012

Circle of Elders

I camped for two nights at Joshua Tree National Park. I spent the days roaming the Park, making photographs and video, and just stopping in isolated areas to listen to the desert silence. It was recharging. Sleeping was difficult, because the campgrounds are basically dirt over granite, so any padding you need has to come from your bedding. But the night skies were beautiful.

One evening I set up the camera on its tripod at my campfire, and made a series of self-portraits. I assembled these later into a Photoshopped collage, using myself as a model for a Circle of Elders.

The wool poncho I bought in Albuquerque kept the night chill off. Although it wasn't that cold at night. The fire didn't last long, because the wood was very dry, but it was merry.

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