Thursday, February 16, 2012

Sheltered Circles

Walking the land, making circles under the shelters of pinon pines, using curved branches from the trees themselves. Desert spirit calls to me, inspires me to make these sheltered circles. Every time I visit ZMS, I make some kind of land art. The pulse of power, fierce and pure, that runs through the land, heightens the senses, heightens the sense of power running through all things. New Mexico inspires so many artists because its pure power running in the ground makes everything more vivid. Emotions as well as inspiration are more vivid, more flowing, more potent. For some, that can become too dramatic, and draining. For many artists, it feeds the life in their work, makes their work come more alive. Myself no exception.

Sheltered Circle I, II, and III, Zuni Mountain Sanctuary, NM

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