Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Rainbow, Columbia River Gorge

Images from Columbia River Gorge Scenic Area, OR, February 2010

From east-side Portland where I was visiting a friend, we drove up the Columbia River Gorge for the afternoon. Heavy rains, cloudy skies, with the sun breaking through at times. Driving along the scenic road alongside the precipice, sudden rain, then clear skies, and a most amazing rainbow over the River, seen through the barebranch trees and green mosses of winter.

Cliffs of the Washington State side of the Columbia River seen from among the cliffs and trees of the Oregon side, with rainbows painted in between.

Rainbow doubled, vivid in its intensity, the angle of light just right, lasting only a minute or two, then fading back into the grey skies of winter rain.

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Blogger Elisabeth said...

I'm jealous, Art, not just of these images but of the chance to be out there among them.

A friend commented to me today about how much we take our limbs for granted until one or other goes wrong. simply to get out into the wilderness requires said limbs. These are exquisite.

3:17 AM  
Blogger Art Durkee said...

Thank the gods the Internet allows us to live semi-vicariously. :)

I'd like nothing better myself right now than to be out on the road, making more photographs like this in locations like that. But health has been iffy this past month, so I'm laying low. I'm having a lot of cabin fever, though, and frustration about feeling trapped at home. So I hear what you're saying about taking things for granted, and I sympathize.

2:14 PM  

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