Saturday, September 04, 2010

Oceans & Skies: Pacific Coast

images from the Pacific Ocean coast, OR, February 2010

Heceta Head Lighthouse overlook, OR

Driving up Highway 101, the coastal highway, in days and nights of heavy winter rain. Storms always coming in, blowing past, making dramatic skies, mists, heavy surf, and surging the waterfalls. Even the smallest falls take on special power in the continuous rains.

Port Orford, OR, with Humbug Mountain in the distance

waterfall, Humbug Mtn. State Park, OR

This small waterfall exists at a sharp corner of the highway, where it passes through Humbug Mtn. State Park, flowing down into a creek that winds through the Park and out to the beach at the foot of the mountain. Traffic whizzes by and no one ever seems to notice the waterfall. It's always there, but because of the heavy rains and winter storms, it was a torrent instead of a trickle. I always look for it, whenever I pass by, and often stop to make a few photos.

To make these photos of this small but beautiful waterfall, I had to park 100 yards down the road at a pullout, then hike in along the narrow roadside with no shoulder, under steep cliffs at the base of Humbug Mtn., trucks and cars going by at high speed inches away from the tripod and camera. On this day, I also had to keep the rain off the camera at the same time. This is when photography gets adventurous and exciting, rather than routine.

the beach at Moolack, OR

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