Friday, April 30, 2010


Two photo-collages about the Chicago Transit Authority, riding the trains, the Blue Line especially, made in summer and winter 2004.


trains going by loud
click clack on the tracks—
mood of faraway


Photo-collage makes a synergy of multiple images into one bigger image, one overall image. The parts become more than themselves, and the sum is greater than the parts. The individual images are impressions that bind together in an overall pattern.

The originals of these two collages, which were made in B&W, have been shown as large-scale prints in one or two group gallery shows, in Chicago and Minneapolis.

Going back through old materials, old prints, old files, rediscovering some art and music made over the past few years, both before and after the life-changing events of moving out West, then later moving back, and all that followed.

The first CTA remains one of my own favorite pieces. The background is a brushed steel background that I photographed and made into a texture. The images were all taken within a ten minute frame, originally in B&W, back when I was first beginning to make B&W images again, while waiting for the Blue Line to take us from downtown out to the northwestern streets. A hot, sunny day. The industrial beauty of the machines. The lines of details, the rush and roar of the electric trains.

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Blogger Jim Murdoch said...

Of the two I prefer the first because of the frame. The second is more confusing to my eye, messier. I want to interpret it as a single image and I can't.

5:06 AM  
Blogger Art Durkee said...

Oh, goodie, it worked. :)

The first is my favorite, too, in part because of the framing. It was the original conception, after all.

11:38 AM  

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