Monday, April 26, 2010

Piano Etudes 3

Here's another piano étude from my music school days, rediscovered when going through some old papers in the basement. This is one of my personal favorites.

The étude aspect of this piece is that it contains both a musical palindrome, and variations on a theme. In the first part of the piece, note that the chordal/melodic pattern in each hand repeats twice, although the rhythm changes. There is a free central section, ending on a quiet, almost-tonal cadence. Then in the last few bars, the original "theme"—I hesitate to call it something so formal and apparently intentional—is repeated, using the original notes but in retrograde, while the theme's original rhythm is preserved, until the last slow ending.

This is quiet music, of a type I still enjoy playing, or improvising. There is motion, so the music is not static. But it is quiet, restrained, gentle, almost silent at times. (A lot of music doesn't leave enough room for silence.) I could go on, descriptively, but the music largely speaks for itself. I enjoyed writing and playing this étude; and I've played through it again, recently, and still enjoy the mood the music makes.

Option-Click or Right-Click on the image for a downloadable full-size PDF of the music, suitable for printing and/or playing.

Standard Note on the Music: Feel free to download and play any of these piano études. The only thing I require, in the spirit of "giving away" this music, is that if you do download and perform or record one of my pieces, you must send me an MP3 and a concert announcement, for my records.

(©AP Durkee. All Rights Reserved.)

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