Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Acadia 2: Color

images from Acadia National Park, Maine

cracked shell of granite
calving off the mountain's shoulder:
eggs of earth

In early spring, in the cold bleak rain, in the white mist from the ocean, what few spots of color appear are enhanced. Reds and greens all the more vivid and precious for being still rare.

It's tempting to make only B&W photographs, in this place, in this light, but the colors when they appear are angelic, and cannot be overlooked. They are visitations of the summer to come, prescient foretastes of life's return.

twilight at midday
the infinite mists hide and reveal
cold mountain slopes

green man face
emerging from the lichen
climbing tree bole

bloodred buds
of new leaves stretch out
spring flags

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