Friday, June 19, 2009

night's wing and rustle, thunder perfect mind

Nandi bell and vajra
ring out lightning and hard rain—
first summer thunderstorm

hot humid sensual sticky-skinned green flash naked bolt across sky
bowling giants ninepin mountain trolls hall of the tetrahedron king wildeyed cattle
hustle redbird woodpecker beak under wing deep in pinesway creak and bough
thirteen eggs of the dragon's children awoken to fork tongues across heaven
burst and reburst and reburst multiple flashes paling naked skin eyes wide at window
in midnight humid heat sudden rough scrape of nerve across bone
turning chill run to root cellar to hide in cold damp soil under heaven
as the god's forked trident sketches night by day by night

long tongues of the moon twirl sinking into the fields
smokeblackened stump of the bloodwood tree

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