Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Jeffers Pilgrimage

I arrived yesterday in the San Francisco area, where I will be staying about a week. Then, I will be driving down Highway One on the California coast. I plan to stop in at the Robinson Jeffers home, Tor House, now a foundation and historical site, at Carmel-by-the-sea, near Big Sur.

It's time for a quote or two from Jeffers, to prepare the way:

The tides are in our veins, we still mirror the stars,
  life is your child, but there is in me
Older and harder than life and more impartial, the eye
  that watched before there was an ocean.

—from Continent's End

                                Lately I was looking from a night mountain-top
On a wide city, the colored splendor, galaxies of light: how could I help but
    recall the seine-net
Gathering the luminous fish? I cannot tell you how beautiful the city appeared,
    and a little terrible.
I thought, We have geared the machines and locked all together into inter-
    dependence; we have built the great cities; now
There is no escape. We have gathered vast populations incapable of free
    survival, insulated
From the strong earth, each person in himself helpless, on all dependent.
    The circle is closed, and the net
Is being hauled in.

—from The Purse-Seine

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