Friday, July 20, 2012

John Cage Centenary

John Cage's 100 birthday will be in September 2012. I intend to celebrate with a marathon listening session, just letting his music and text-sound poetry and spoken word recordings play in my studio and house for several days. To get ready, here's some required listening:

John Cage works available at UbuWeb

John Cage & Morton Feldman: Radio Happenings
Two composers sit down in 1966-67 to talk about music, art, life, politics, and many other topics, providing us genuine insight into their unique creative processes, and exemplifying how making art is itself a joy.

And some required reading/listening:


Diary: How To Improve the World (You Will Only Make Matters Worse)

An essay about Cage's piece 4'33"

The official John Cage website and blog.

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