Monday, May 18, 2009

Waterfalls at Seneca Lake, NY

images from She-Qua-Ga Falls and Aunt Sarah Falls, at Montour Falls, NY, and above Seneca Lake, north of Watkins Glen

in bright morning white
water falling across shelves of
ancient stone gives voice

rivers coming off the bluffs above the lakes everywhere falling white fast true pure loud
stairstep falling true veil into prism longship sight above rainswollen rivulets into sand
stone of memory stone of being or light and revelation stone of hard broken chisel face
into the sun wind light cmoing down between cedar aspen and oak coming down
as sun into wood into wind into water become soil hardstep shelfstep trail to walk
hunters naked under sun taken trails under falls into echo loud window door of worlds
bathers now wade under water fallen underscore ages stone under old sun old time
before breath before moon under stone under shield of sun and lightning

these long fingers of whitewater edging the blank stone
where you walk barefoot firm and confident towards revelation

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