Tuesday, September 09, 2008


Labyrinth, inlaid in stone on the floor of the nave, Grace Cathedral, San Francisco, CA

I took the bus up Nob HIll to visit Grace Cathedral, and the AIDS Interfaith Memorial chapel, and the labyrinth. I hadn't intended to walk the labyrinth today, but I found myself doing so, after sitting for awhile in the Interfaith chapel, and thinking about all the family and friends I have lost this past year and more. I felt moved to walk the labyrinth in no particular hurry, but not dawdling, either. I have at times walked various labyrinths very slowly, with timed, measured steps, which creates in me a deep meditative experience. This time I felt like I was shedding and releasing old burdens, leaving them in the center, with the Divine. I actually felt lighter and happier walking out from the center afterwards; had I been alone in the Cathedral, I might have skipped through the turns rather than walk them as usual.

As I was leaving the Cathedral, I stopped by the outdoor labyrinth, and made a quick one-brushstroke drawing of an image that had come to me a few minutes after finishing my labyrinth walk.

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