Friday, July 25, 2008

Ernest Hemingway House, Key West, FL

I spent several hours here earlier this week. It reminded me of my childhood in India: similar type of architecture, same heat and humidity, and a verandah that wraps all the way around the house, on both floors. Every house should have a porch this luxurious.

Hermingway's portable typewriter, the travel case on the floor beside the table, gave me a thrill. I have a small collection of antique and vintage typewriters, several of them portables. My old Smith-Corona looks very similar to this typewriter; although I'd have to do some research to know if it's a true match.

Nowadays, I travel wherever I go with my laptop, the updated version of a portable typewriter. It fulfills many of the same functions: a portable writing device for creative work, correspondence, and everything else. The paradigm is fascinatingly similar, even if the technology itself has many differences.

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Blogger Dan Wright said...

His typewriter is a Royal Quiet Deluxe of 1941:

I bought one on craitslist:

12:59 PM  

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