Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Rainbows After the Deluge

The weather has been turbulent and dangerous here, shedding more and more rain, after weeks of cool weather. The past year has caused the river to flood over its banks onto the floodplain three or four times—last August, last winter, last March, and now—which is a record, in my memory. Suffice to say, we haven't had to water any of the plants for some time. Some cornfields north of here are flooded, and when the sun comes out, those spots under water will overheat, killing the crop under them. I was driving through the back roads a few days ago, noticing how the new crops were starting to sprout, and poke their tendrils above the rich, dark soil. Now, some of those more low-lying fields are no doubt flooded. It's enough to make one think about the Biblical Flood.

But it also makes one think of what came after that mythic Flood, in the Bible story. And there have been those in the skies, as well.

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