Monday, December 24, 2007

christmas night full moon snow her tintinabulation

look in at the children
how they are dreaming into their lives—
hawks flying between trees

by starlight by moonlight by candelight and firelight by all the lights that darkness
wishes to be pierced so that all the old-voiced stories can begin again so the turning
goes into itself and becomes cold as moonlight on ice the river open banks frozen
feet of deer stumbling through and ice on the roads drifts of snow over and around
a stack of frozen half snow buried pumpkins at the field's edge at sunset the gold
and later the full moon rising silhouette black trees mars near too near for comfort
lights red and white candeholders white and red and green evergreen everliving
everlast in the breathing of sleepers long tidal pull out to sea calm tonight under the moon

long-limbed nascent gods growing
into their power in sleep in flight

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