Sunday, June 24, 2007


lilies rise and bloom
as though untouched by summer
storm rains

spill of white gladiola chrysanthemum daisy lily turning towards light white spray of white flowers white the color of death with two roses in the midst of white cascade one red rose for him one yellow rose for her together twinned falling beside the resting place under wood under hot sky under eyeburning sky bright enough to darken then two stands of flowers beside feet yellow fall of lilies with one red rose beside head red fall of many strands with one yellow rose pressed together pressed inward up to sun to memory to recitation of the catalysts of joy what’s left is gold silver red yellow spilling cascade frozen water ice the color of dying frozen hands in calm caress repose prayer silence

hands to eyes marked with tight-lipped fire red
hands to sleep in sun combust to ashes gray yellow white

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