Saturday, March 24, 2007



out of the madness I go
folding myself into the dream and the run
mind empty
heart clear ice
under a diamond full moon

it’s a strong song
folding out long and full
tracks going across flat ice
into forever
snowdust sparkles
lodges in the eye-corners
of the singer
whose voice rings out driving the storms

the run folds into the dream
and the dream folds back into the run
and they both fold into song
and into life: here I am


out of the madness I come
shaping myself out of the ice
a cold star running in sunlit water
shaping myself into song with a song

I am the dog of the wind
running at the heels of the mind
into forever
running into all out of time
out of the madness I race
running into the sky, the frozen light
I have broken the ice
broken through into cold salt water to drink

I am naked in the snow the long night
I am clothed in fur in the whirling sea
I am running: my body warms the night
my skin glows: the aurora, the white bear

running into the song
running into my life

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