Monday, October 25, 2010

The New Piano 2: Notes

Still getting used to it being mine,
the living room no longer silent,
a grace of notes when keys are dusted,
a tilt of low chords walking by in evening.

A nascent habit, this past week,
of playing before I go to bed,
just sitting down for twenty minutes
and making sounds to soothe.

The pleasure of being able to play
not only late at night, but anytime,
the freedom now to musically immerse
in the clear pool of keys and tone.

Satie's "Gymnopedies" were first,
almost by necessity; then other pieces
I used to play in recital, from youth
through college when I changed minors.

Some Joplin, a little Debussy for
old time's sake—he was my cornerstone
for several years—and then some harder,
more challenging music, some Hovhaness.

Late night music fills the room, fills me,
gives me inner music in my ears to fall
asleep to, to quiet my insomniac mind,
music's other blessing in my life, its heart.

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