Sunday, May 27, 2007


burning water, burns the air

silver pain, silver thighs
roll onto sand,
break into fingers, toes—
waves roll into the beach
at midnight, at dawn

waves of our bodies
as we lie together spoon-fashion:
air to front, back to front, back to air—
camera eye smoothly panning
across ridges of hips
dissolving to white curtains
billowing inward, in moonlight

waves curling in grass
as night winds caress
each blade of grass a consort
to the whole nation of grasses
air gliding across each feathered tuft
air to front, back to front, back to air

at dawn a redwing calls
at sunset a whippoorwill
woodpeckers thrum against sleeping trees
musical waves in your hearing

ground trembles, ripples, cracks
soil puffs dust
air to earth, falling earth, earth to air

I drown in
your tidelost,
endless surf

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