Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Framedrummers' Group CD Re-released Online

The Framedrummers' Group CD project, originally released in 2003 and now out of print and only available as a collector's item, has been re-released online as part of the FDG website. There's a nifty jukebox that plays the contents of both of the CDs in the original 2-CD set, and the CD artwork (some of which is by yours truly) is also featured on the webpage. This was a CD compilation made by members of the FDG group, and was one of the first such compilations made by an online group like this.

I have two tracks on this compilation, a single track on either CD, and both of my tracks feature Stick, frame drums, flutes, and keyboards. On one track, Rumi's Tambourine, I also read a couple of short excerpts from poems by Rumi that are about music, and drumming. On the FDG page, there's also a nifty picture of me playing Stick and wearing my fez.

You can also access these two tracks here.

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